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Expect and embrace surprising sources of collaboration, especially from thoughtful, often relgiiously motivated or stewardship-inspired conservatives, and for the collaborative process to change the company and everyone involved.We underscore how critical it is for you to share what you learn as often and with as many as you can.With climate change on the rise, droughts and extreme weather becoming all the more common, and signs of environmental degradation all around us, it is more important than ever to make smart, eco-friendly choices with your shopping dollars and the products you buy.

As you learn, share what you learn with as many people as possible in your organization, even if you don't think you (or they) have the time.It is a myth that taking better care of people and nature is at odds with business excellence. The easiest problems for your company to correct may seem complex and difficult to another, depending on the company's values and traits, and whether its cultural bias is for innovation or safety. But as CEO you don't have the power this book's other readers might think you have.Transparent social and environmental improvements will gradually increase your base of committed support within the company, from the margins (or the heights) to the center; any entrenched traditionalists gradually shuffle to the side, go elsewhere, or retire.As your company comes to know more, and becomes confident enough to work collaboratively with outside partners to reduce environmental and social impacts, it will adopt that work permanently as a part of doing business.

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