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But her former fiance Olivier, 38, said: 'Perhaps this was always going to happen.

My life has moved on and it's all worked out well.' Despite repeated calls to Faldo's manager and his PA, neither responded.

His net worth credit goes to his hard work and superb performance.

He has been winner of three Open Championships and three masters. After watching Jack Nicklaus play in the 1971, he was inspired to play golf.

His divorce from first wife Melanie came before his championship successes and her settlement was relatively small.

Those close to Faldo were unwilling to speak last night.

Rumours of a split surfaced after he attended David Beckham's World Cup party last weekend without his Swiss wife Valerie.

On the front door above a metal plaque bearing her parents' names is a white sticker with Valerie's married name and maiden name.

It is the latest episode in a troubled personal life for the man regarded as Britain's most successful golfer, having won 43 tournaments, including three Open Championships and three US Masters titles.

Sir Nicholas Alexander Faldo, MBE AKA Nick Faldo was born on July 18, 1957.

His birth place is Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England.

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He is Architect, Golfer, and Commentator by his profession.

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