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The longer you sign up for, the lower the price you pay per month of using the service. Obviously using the promotion is something you will want to take advantage of when subscribing if you can.

Be Aware of Auto-Renewals 7 Day Free Trial When reviewing these costs, it is worth noting that first time subscribers can save 20% off the subscription price using this promotion.

The search engines find new websites by following links from sites that are already in their index.

If you can get a a few "inbound links" then you site will be indexed automatically. Information on Specifying a Website (Creating a formal website specification for submission to designers or web design agencies) You may also visit our Links Page, which will direct you to independent advice and resources for small business and small business websites and what you should be paying for these.

Details of how to do this can be found here The charges for the rent of your web space (website hosting) and e-mail, etc. There is also a small annual charge for registration of your domain name. Some companies will list prices per page but I don't do this.

will typically be something like £2 to £10 per month. It does not make much sense when a single web page can be extremely complex, involving lots of interactivity and graphics that need to be designed or it can be very simple, like the page that you are now reading, with mostly text.

For example, to purchase the Email Read Notification service with a basic account is more a month versus the more a month of just going with the Value plan.Should the job be large enough a meeting can of course be arranged at no cost, or alternatively, if you need information and consultancy about your proposed website at your site I can do this on a time and expenses basis.Being a freelancer our meeting can take place at any mutually suitable time, including evenings and weekends.Fortunately this is not a problem as everything can be done via email and the telephone.I don't actually get to meet many of my clients and meetings are generally only needed for large websites and where detailed consultancy is involved.

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