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She didn't even mind too much when Goten and Trunks mocked Videl and Gohan when they saw them kissing.Videl and Goten had a lot of time to bond, they were both trained to fly by Gohan at the same time. Despite his valiant efforts to do some good in the world, those around him couldn't help but notice what a cheese fest he really was.Realizing that he would be found out super quickly if he kept wearing so many identifiable items while fighting crime, Gohan transitioned into the goofy Great Saiyaman instead.Videl was still able to connect the dots and realized that the Golden Warrior and the Great Saiyaman were one and the same.During Videl's fight against Spopvich in the World Martial Arts Tournament, the young Miss Satan became brutally battered and nearly crushed to death by her oversized opponent.

Gohan was willing to train Videl and she was willing to put up with his silly Great Saiyaman dancing.

Gohan's feelings for Videl were powerful enough to awaken SS2 in spite of the fact that they hadn't even started dating yet. Satan as himself, and Gohan acted as the stunt double for his Great Saiyaman alter ego, while keeping his true identity a secret, of course.

Chichi yelled from the stands about how Videl would make the perfect wife for her son but she feared they would never get together if Videl was unable to survive the match. Like Videl, Cocoa figured out that Gohan was actually the Great Saiyaman and held this against him to force him to fly her around town, but she didn't stop there.

First by insisting that he train her to fly and then by forcing him to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament along with her. Both Chichi and Videl’s mothers are absent in the show, only their fathers seem to be present in their lives.

To top it all off, Chichi and Videl's fathers were both successful fighters, each earning the title of World Martial Arts Champion at different points in their competitive careers.

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