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To get the hang of such dances as the Azonto, Kukere and Skelewu, you can check out the moves via a simple internet search.As happens in any forward-looking society, cultural norms in Nigeria have changed over the years. Some are incorporated into modern life, others are abandoned.For instance, there are hilarious scenes in which the bride's mother insists on keeping her traditional role of feeding the crowd, leading to a heated competition between her and the harried hired caterer.To see who wins, you must watch the movie; it's widely available on streaming services.There are a few traditional hurdles for Igbo couples to get over before their wedding date.Theoretically, they can't even set that date until older siblings have married (no pressure, big brother! An Igbo bride provides her prospective groom with a dowry list of gifts he is obliged to present to her family; if he fails to come up with the goods, he risks losing his bride.In a ritual still practiced at many weddings, the groom demonstrates his high regard for his bride's family by prostrating himself before them.Friends of the groom are also expected to prostrate themselves.

This custom has its roots in the historical importance of endurance, courage and discipline to these nomadic tribes.Chastity may still be prized for both partners during the engagement period, but this is more of a personal choice than a cultural command.Nigeria has always been a culture of celebration, and famously a Yoruba term roughly meaning "family cloth." It refers to the colorful attire worn as a signifier of group identity, especially at weddings where the bride's family, groom's family, guests and others may have their own distinct to wear.This usage has spread from the Yoruba people to folks all over Africa.

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