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WATCH THE VIDEO “I always knew that the ordinances performed in the temple are too sacred to talk about.

To know what they are, I would have to wait to go through them myself.

These are only some of the reasons why I feel blessed to have the guidelines and standards which the Lord gives us.

I know that when I follow these guidelines, I will be blessed.

WATCH THE VIDEO “As a young girl, I always tried to keep my thoughts and actions pure so that I’d be worthy to go to the temple.

I had no idea that inside the temple my body and my mind would be violated, degraded and abused.

Well, I'm going to share with you how you can follow these standards and actually enjoy doing so! LDS girls like Christlike men who don’t complain about home teaching, who can be called on to give priesthood blessings, who treat everyone kindly, and who don’t have to prove their ‘manliness’ by putting others down. ” In the beginning, you be the one to make it happen. Brittany Long, a returned missionary who just recently got married said, “Popular media may promote that all girls like the ‘bad boy’ image, but that’s not the truth.There are a lot of “chick flicks” and romance novels out there that attempt to describe true love and how to find it, but I know a lot of really terrific single women who are still wondering where their “knight in shining armor” is. A good woman wants to know that she can count on you, too.I recently polled some single LDS women to find out what it is they wish guys knew about dating. It might be awkward at first, but many girls love to talk, so it won’t be that hard to start a conversation. She’s betting her future, and even her eternity, on you.

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As I was pondering as to what I should post about today, it occurred to me that I have a strong testimony about the Lord's standards on teenage dating, and that I wanted to share that with you so that if you haven't already made a firm decision about your future or present, you can now.

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