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If someone asked, I would say yes, because me and this guy aren’t dating exclusively. but it's rare to see that kind of effort since it typically goes unappreciated and wasted).But I just worry that he’ll be hard to get over and that I should just start the process now, because there’s a huge, huge chance that I will go off to BYU/BYU-I (haven’t heard back yet) and meet some really great RM and get married or engaged at least before he even gets back from his mission. Thanks, - Wondering Dear Wondering, No more information is necessary. No Good Guy is going to take some other guy's girlfriend out on dates unless there's some rule (see the Casual Group Dating Rules) that makes it okay (unless he's trying to use his Good Guy-ness to get you to realize that you shouldn't be in a relationship . Oh, and by the way, since it seems that you two may not be clear on this: yes, you're Boyfriend and Girlfriend.Now you must know I am the kind of person who’d not allow any person on the face of the earth to touch anything that goes into my veggie burger – I like ’em perfect and therefore, And yet, somehow, not only did he help me slice the onion rings and shred the cheese, but I also ended up sharing the burger with him.Meanwhile my mom was watching our playful wrestling with the chopping board and well, a lettuce leaf (poor guy! 😉 😛 ) and giving me the ‘you-don’t-allow-‘ME’-to-enter-the-kitchen-while-you-fix-your-favorite-burger- What’s-cookin! I tried hard to dodge the look and refrained from giving the ‘I-don’t-know-myself-yet’ look to her – an expression I am sure ALL mothers read as – so, here’s my future son-in-law!

And if this is how your days go, coupled with numerous half-hourly messages sandwiched in between, it is a clear green signal to board the ‘more-than-friends’ express train! He shares his dreams, hopes, aspirations, and even family with me!

He knows I like him because I told him, after a long, long time of being too scared to do so.

We’re both seniors now and will be 18 in a few months.

The important thing is that he ‘tries’ to be the reason behind that heart-warming sound!

Whether or not he has you in splits or makes you pee your pants, is a different ball game altogether but hey, cracking the type of jokes he sees you ‘like’ on Facebook or watching a funny video together – he ‘tries’ it all to make you laugh – ALWAYS! If he pushes behind that much-awaited night-out with his ‘bros,’ schedules his work around times that you are available to go out or talk and goes the extra mile to haul your books around the library or wire your house for high speed internet, he is thinking of taking the ‘friendship’ forward to a R-relationship (Switch off the dirty folks, it means ROMANTIC, the rest can come in later! Our friends have begun to make the ‘obvious’ comments!

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