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One of Miller Coors’ product Miller Lite, is well known and a popular low calorie beer that came out in 1975.A 12 ounce bottle of Miller Lite has about 96 calories compared to Miller Genuine Draft has 143 calories for a 12 ounce bottle (“How Many Calories in Beer?Advertising alone has gone from dull pictures to short video clips during commercials.Bottle designs have changed to become more futuristic.I also noticed that in this commercial there is nothing that talks about it being a low calorie, less filling, or lite beer except for when it says the actual title “Miller Lite”.

Miller Lite used to only want hyper masculine men to be in the commercials drinking a low calorie beer because in the 1970s it was considered “sissy” to drink a low calorie beer because masculine men should not be counting calories.

So, the Miller Brewing Company wanted beer drinkers to be able to drink beer and look manly with less calories.

Because of this mindset, Miller’s ad agency, Mc Cann-Erickson made it their mission to “find the toughest, manliest guys out there and put them on TV [promoting] the [goodness] of Lite Beer from Miller” (Beer and Television: Perfectly Tuned In).

Calories in Beer, Alcohol in Beer, Carbs in Beer”).

I argue that Miller Lite Beer changes its advertising to appeal to changes in masculinity.

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In this commercial jokesters are being described as masculine. Jokesters are becoming masculine figures versus attractive men with muscles.

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