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However in the final season Oliver will break up with her or Felicity will leave/die (possibly even in the final episode al la, HIMYM style) allowing Laurel to step in.The series will end with the Green Arrow and Black Canary standing on a rooftop, and Laurel saying she's always known Oliver 'like her own name/in her bones'.Either that or a bunch of people decide to just vote for the Arrow 'off-ballot'.Due to the track-record for previous mayoral candidates and the lack of good choices among the current candidates, the Arrow ends up winning in a land-slide victory.

But hey, if In the comics, she's one of Black Canary's best friends.

Though this WMG is based solely on the rumours that have been around since the start of the second season concerning the casting of Nightwing.

Since nothing was confirmed, and considering that 3 episodes to the finale is a little late to introduce a brand new character.

He never graduated college, and while he was there, he was more interested in parties than studying.

However, after he came back, he managed to open and run a massively popular club with no formal training.

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