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She needs ample mental stimulation and feels close to people with whom she can share thoughts and intellectual interests. Melissa Ferrick makes friends her family, and she feels a close kinship with people who share some ideals or beliefs that she holds dear.Melissa Ferrick needs close relationships with people outside of her physical family.In love relationships, Melissa Ferrick desires a deep, intense and passionate union with her beloved and forms very strong emotional bonds and attachments.Melissa "marries" the person she loves at a very deep emotional level, and is often extremely possessive and jealous of anyone who may pose a threat to that union. Melissa Ferrick tends to be somewhat suspicious of her partner's relationships, even if they are merely platonic.She is very compassionate and loves to share her feelings with others.

Melissa Ferrick avoids heavy, demanding emotional relationships and is wary of making personal commitments. Ferrick gets a lot of emotional fulfillment through her involvement in groups, clubs, organizations, community activities, or a network of close friends who support and care for her.Her emotional flow seems to be blocked in some way and Ferrick may feel inhibited when she is with others.Melissa Ferrick is likely to have a certain fear of crowds and may have a tendency to be agoraphobic.Melissa Ferrick loves romance and wishes that the honeymoon phase of her love relationships would last forever!Ferrick needs dramatic romantic gestures and displays of affection from her partner, and she wants to feel very, very special, like a royalty, to her beloved.

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