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Our live chat software also allows you to use personalized canned messages to maximize operator responsiveness and consistency when handling concurrent chats.More Details Our software offers a full suite of enterprise level tools and reports needed to control quality and operator performance. Jacek Mokrosiński studies the genetic make-up of people who are severely obese. We talk to one specialist who’s making great strides in doing just that.More Details We make it easy for you to offer live support, which will improve your customer satisfaction ratings.Our real-time, built-in translator, breaks down language barriers by automatically detecting and translating chats into the language your customers use.

Just don't let the candy fool you, it's dangerous out there!

Papa's Donuteria is open for business in the carnival-like town of Powder Point. Cut out the donuts, fry them up, and decorate them with a vast array of top What was that?

You awaken to find your once quiet house is full of noisy party guests! Possess items around the house and scare everyone out! Don't frighten them too much thou This is the long awaited sequel to the hit game Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

As the player progresses throughout the game, six squad members become available, each with their own talents that can be developed.

Each time a sufficient amount of experience is obtained, the player "levels up" and is awarded a number of Talent Points that can be used to develop talents for both Shepard and the members of the squad.

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