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Series 6, Episode 16 of that 1960s series, the Avengers was probably the best programme featuring a white MGC roadster driven by Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney.For only one episode Lady Diana filled in for Tara King who was Steed’s side kick during the series.Hopefully they can do better than jack up a wheel or push the car back and forth etc.Here is how to make a tool by using a 3/4" cut off section of a tube spanner and a piece of 3/4" by 3/16" steel bar 11.75" long.I had to be like the Incredible Hulk to lift the damn thing. I never fancied General Lee, the orange ’69 Dodge Charger that those Duke boys used to drive around and around whatever tree it was. A primrose roadster features near the beginning and the end of the film but I had to watch it all the way through just in case I missed something and I didn’t miss a thing!Nor did I care for the yellow Chevrolet C-2500, Crew Cab Silverado, in Kill Bill called the ‘Pussy Wagon’. The ‘68 Mustang GT 390 in Bullitt that Steve Mc Queen drove was pretty good though. It takes be back to my teenage years when I went to some of those works buck’s nights Have you seen these films ‘La moglie del prete’, ‘Big Zapper’, ‘Chérif’ or ‘Prudence and the Pill’?But it’s got something to do with computers evidently. that is if he’s not out-of-date already after six months of retirement.How many MGCs out there have computer, measuring all sorts of things and then adjusting the fuel, air and timing.

Petrol companies discovered that if they add lead to the fuel mix it not only reduce pinging by increasing the octane rating but also reduced the wear of the valves and their seats.In fact, when Curly was a lad, ESSO found that tetra-ethyl lead (TEL) worked wonderfully well and introduced it to their fuel in 1927. When TEL is burnt it forms a fine suspension of lead salts that is largely lead bromide which was the white deposits on the inside of your exhaust in the old days.This cloud of particles slows the flame front down in the combustion chamber, (this doesn’t happen with unleaded fuel).I find it a little mind boggling that someone can think that they can read all those books and watch all those movies within a couple of weeks.Anyway I know I don’t watch all of them and I have no idea what she does when I nip down to the local for a pint of Old Speckled Hen.

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I’d say the number is a round one and equal to the number of MGs made by Austin.

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