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There are two main areas of town to go to find prostitutes in this city.

The first would be on Oxford Street but this is the main nightlife strip in the city so not all of the girls will be pros.

As far as meeting single girls that aren’t hookers goes this can be kind of difficult.

This is one of those spots where the prostitutes and good girls may end up partying at the same bar so it is hard to know who is who.

What often happens is guys end up ‘shoring’ and having sex with prostitutes for free.

Many of the pros here will come up to you and let you know they are open for business, but some will be shy making it hard to know what is what.

Well now you know so there is no reason to be shocked.

You can also go to places like Shisha Lounge or Hollywood Boulevard. If you wanted to try day game the beach will be your best option.

This Accra sex guide will start out with the best places for mongering, girls that aren’t pros will follow that up.

Plus we will talk about the best online dating site in the country to help speed up the process.

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The best way to get around this is to get the girls number and save it in your phone before you leave.

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