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Similarly the corporate media’s—new black punditocracy included—eager embrace of the Obama campaign’s call for black fathers to be responsible parents (foregoing racial grievances and structural analyses of the causes behind black fathers’ absenteeism in so doing) in the cause of a symbolic victory in November leave crucial matters affecting the black community (i.e., protracted unemployment and poverty, unprecedented rates of prison incarceration, chronic rates of childhood obesity, and infant mortality, along with the fact that HIV-AIDS has become essentially a black disease) unaddressed.

Given these facts, those of us concerned with the quality of life in African American communities across lines of generation and class must ask ourselves a question in light of the ongoing orgy of self-congratulations around success of Joshua Packwood and the Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama: What will it mean to practice brotherhood in a post-racial America increasingly obsessed with a class-oriented view of race?

Remember that part about being judged on the “content of your character and not the color of your skin”?

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Known as colorblindness or colorblind racism, this modern form of structural racism also seeks to appropriate the language of the Civil Rights and then seeks to redirect it back against the remnants of the movement itself.

This group would likely offer as support of their position the story of Reconstruction-era philanthropists, union army officers, and missionaries such as Henry Morehouse; white patrons whose central role in the founding of HBCUs belies the race-warrior, black social uplift mythology so often promoted by these institutions and their alumni.Some people were upset…let me rephrase that…some black people were upset.No surprise there but if you’re one of those who is upset – you just need to go ahead and get over yourselves…for real!!In short, the implicit suggestion here is that America has transcended its racist past to become a truly colorblind society. The gist of what I have to say in this concluding section can be summed up in four words: Reverend Jeremiah was right.No, I am not talking here about the conspiratorial claims concerning the U. government’s deliberate efforts to wipe out the black population with AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s or with syphilis injections during the Tuskegee experiments earlier in the century.

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