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As a result, the people of Hokkaido remained hunter gatherers until the early 20th century.) Once agriculture developed, the social structure of Japan changed.Instead of being egalitarian with tribal elders, it became hierarchical with warlords and emperors.After surrendering, the Japanese were expecting the Americans to rape and pillage.Instead, General arrived in Tokyo on August 30 1945 and immediately decreed several laws: No allied personnel were to assault Japanese people and no allied personnel were to eat the scarce Japanese food.

Additionally, the constitution guaranteed equality before the law and outlawed discrimination based on "political, economic or social relations" or "race, creed, sex, social status or family origin".

At the end of the 18th century; however, all people in Australia appeared to be hunter gatherers.

In 1788, change came when the British decided that Australia would make a great place to dump criminals.

Under the Samurai, the emperor had symbolic power but no military power (much like European royal families have today.) Change came in the 19th century when American Commodore sailed into Japan and announced that the country would be invaded if it didn't trade with America.

The Meiji Emperor saw the obvious power difference between Japan and America along with an opportunity to gain the military power that Japanese emperors had always lacked.

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