Is donnie klang dating aubrey

Donnie: It’s a pretty crazy because I have developed so much over the past year from rocking a hoody and sweat pants.Now I am more high fashion not only am I taking my style from New York but I am traveling internationally.I’m from New York, grew up in Brooklyn but I live in Long Island and was just in Hollywood. Singersroom: If I may add you were getting your pimp game on!Donnie: You know I was doing a little sumthin sumthin (laughs) Singersroom: So when will your album drop?I feel like not only did he do great music he made films and television shows but he always stayed positive in the media.He never really got caught up in scandals and his career is the career that I idolized.Donnie: I really have to sit back and pinch myself sometimes.

Donnie: It was the early 90’s music groups like Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, Jodeci and then listening to Usher, Nsync and the whole boy band movement. Seeing the videos and DVD’s of these groups going on tour and how crazy the crowds were and the sold out arenas. After all, it’s his label and reputation on the line so he has to push us to be the best we can be.I worked with Mario Winans, Brian Cox, Soul Diggaz and a bunch of A-list producers.The idea was to introduce me and not be covered up with features.Singersroom: Did you get a chance to write on your album? Day 26 and Danity Kane were both working on albums so I got the short end of the stick.However it gave me room to start writing and putting in a lot of creative input so when I got to work with these big producers and they wanted to hear where I was coming from so it was an awesome experience.

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