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I just need you to fill out this W-2.”I took my phone out and hit speed dial for Kevin. Karen is the wife of the most senior partner; definitely the trophy wife type. She was always the perfect hostess at the company functions making others feel welcome.

""I'm sitting here with Karen Bloomberg and she has a proposal for me to work for her. ""Yes I know about Karen's business.""You would want me to work for her, knowing this? My thinking was never far from my meeting with Karen today.

Then, I unclasped my bra and hung it over his desk lamp. He continued his conversation with his customer: “Look at page six, second paragraph listing the sequence of procurement…”I slipped off my shorts and panties and tossed them into the open file cabinet. He shook his head “no” but continued his conversation.“Asset allocation shows you have leverage in completing this transaction if done so before….”I turned around and bent over shaking my ass at him, like a stripper in a club, giving him a view of my wet pussy.

His client asked him, “Do the financials show the long term profits as well as the short term liabilities?

He rose up like in a circus and commenced to spray me with an instant soaking. My hotel is much closer and Hilton has a rapid cleaning service. It was very flattering and hugged my hips perfectly. ” He came up from behind and gently pulled up the zipper, then slid his fingers up my neck and said, “One more thing.” He put a string of pearls around my neck and fastened the latch. ” I couldn't contain myself and gave him a big hug. Kurt walked over to the bar and asked, “What would you like to drink? I was disoriented at first, waking up in a strange place. Then I noticed a Manila envelope with a note attached. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

I appeared to get the brunt of it as Kurt jumped away. Everyone was laughing, including me—but I looked like a drown rat. You could clean up and shower while your clothes are cleaned and pressed.” “Okay, but what about you? ” “It’s easy for me, I'm barely damp and have several changes in my luggage. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought this dress must have cost a fortune. After a few moments of us pressed together, Kurt said, “I think it wise that we go now.”****** Dinner was fabulous.

I'll be working out.”“I promise,” he replied, blew me a kiss and went back to his call.***I was finishing my third set on the abs machine in our home gym when Kevin entered, dressed in his workout shorts and V-neck t-shirt. Kevin treated his body as he did everything important to him, including me… ” he asked, as he sat down on the bench press and chalked his hands.“I've been thinking about something a lot lately and wanted to discuss it with you, Hun.”“Sure, but with that serious look on your face, I've got a feeling I might not like what you're going to tell me.”“Just listen to what I propose before you answer. That's exactly what I'm talking about.”“Sorry, bad choice of words… You’re only thirty-two.”"Not because of my age but because... Each of us are wives of partners, hence the name, ‘Happy House Wives.’ Every company has a gimmick to bring in new clients. ”“No, we are not hired directly by the corporation. I got the kids on the bus and went in to finish cleaning up from breakfast. As usual he was sitting at the desk, talking on the speaker phone.

I was thinking with the kids both in school and you so preoccupied with business, this is a perfect time for me to get a part-time job.”He turned and stared at me in disbelief, then said, “Why would you? I have this degree in design and have never held a job of my own.”“Jenny, you have a job. If you need more money, I'll increase your allowance.”“My allowance? He saw me and put a finger to his lips, signaling me to be quiet.

Then, he turned me around and bent me over the desk.

I just made partner and my bonus alone would put us in the top ten percent of income.”"I know, but this isn't about you or the money. After last night, I decided to be naughty and spice things up.

His mistress is this business: feeding his ego in ways I could never do. We use to have a vigorous sex life, but that began to wane after our second child was born. I often thought her figure was the best money could buy. His sculptured muscles rippled on his bare chest as he pulled his covers down.

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