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When it came to buying wine, they had about a dozen options.What I got wasn’t very good, but I didn’t expect to be able to get something very good, and so I was satisfied with what I got.

Others are looking for something more casual or an ego boost and will 'string you along' until they are bored or worse still, they end up being commitment phobic or heavens forbid "emotionally unavailable".

If instead I’d been shopping in a store that offered hundreds, even thousands – of options, my expectations would have been a good deal higher.

Had I ended up choosing a bottle of wine of the same quality as the one that satisfied me in Oregon, I’d have been sorely disappointed.” Pg 186 – Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz.

This is the reason why more people nowadays push for a meeting sooner rather than later in an attempt to avoid wasting too much time on the wrong person.

You do need to learn to be thick skinned and participate with a sense of humour! What I am worried about is the shift in perceptions that it is creating (ie.

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I recently read a very interesting book by Barry Schwartz called "The Paradox of Choice" and I enjoyed the following example of how too much choice will make us fussier: “What contributes to high expectations, above and beyond the quality of past experience, is, I think, the amount of choice and control we now have over most aspects of our lives.

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