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"Fed Ex," "Fed Ex Express," "our," "us" and "we" refer to Federal Express Corporation and its officers, employees and agents (but does not include cartage agents).

"Fed Ex Express Freight" means Fed Ex First Overnight Freight, Fed Ex 1Day Freight, Fed Ex 2Day Freight and Fed Ex 3Day Freight unless the context requires otherwise.

"Billable weight" and "chargeable weight" mean the weight used to calculate the rate.

The billable weight and chargeable weight are the greater of actual or dimensional weight.

Shippers are required to use Fed Ex Express packaging and Fed Ex Express U. shipping services (Fed Ex First Overnight, Fed Ex Priority Overnight, Fed Ex Standard Overnight, Fed Ex 2Day A. To qualify for Fed Ex One Rate pricing, Fed Ex envelopes must weigh 10 lbs.

or less, and Fed Ex paks, boxes and tubes must weigh 50 lbs. "Freight" means any single piece, skid or freight handling unit with a chargeable weight greater than 150 lbs.

Any fraction of a pound is rounded up to the next-higher pound.

"Freight handling unit" means any piece, skid, pallet, carton, crate or cargo that is unitized or bundled and individually identified with or without a forkliftable base.

Refer to the holiday list at details.

The service information at (excluding rates, the Fed Ex Express Terms and Conditions, the Fed Ex Ground Tariff, and the Fed Ex Same Day City Tariff) and the overview of services in the downloadable Fed Ex Service Guide are not part of the contract of carriage.

retail rates; these Fed Ex Express Terms and Conditions; the Fed Ex Ground Tariff; and the Fed Ex Same Day City Tariff.

"Guide" or "Service Guide" means the Fed Ex Service Guide, as modified, amended or supplemented.

"In good credit standing" means: (1) that payment on the Fed Ex account is current; (2) the account is not in "cash-only" status; and, (3) for commercial or business accounts, the balance does not exceed the credit limit established by Fed Ex.

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