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One source of concern women have with their bodies is driven by concerns that men prefer slender women.

” When asked to give her instant reaction to the research, psychology student Savanah Jewett wasn’t shocked by the essentialness of attractiveness for men.

If you’re carrying around some extra pounds and don’t think it’s right to be judged negatively because of that, are you evaluating others as you want to be evaluated or making the same sort of judgments?

Now, in no way do I believe that a couple can’t be happy together and have a successful relationship when one partner is quite a bit more attractive than the other.

Men and women, ages 18-25, found qualities like being good looking, having a slender body, and having a successful career to be more essential than any other age bracket.But I’m curious about those people who are only interested in people who are quite a bit more attractive than they because, it seems to me, that this approach is a conundrum. All things being equal, I think most would agree that being physically attractive has lot of advantages, and the more attractive — the more the advantages.If they value physical appearance highly, how can they expect a much more attractive person to be interested in them? Their profession or financial status or personality is such that it levels the attractiveness playing field. So, no matter what their own level of attractiveness, some people, consciously or subconsciously, are driven to provide their children with the most attractive genes possible.Though we encourage our e Harmony members to first focus on their matches’ inner qualities, we understand that physical attraction is important, and, at some point, members will use this quality to evaluate matches as they search for their special someone.But some members and non-members still believe physical appearance is the most or one of the most important qualities to consider when evaluating someone’s partner potential.

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Does this mean you won’t consider someone because they aren’t “good looking” or have a physical quality you don’t find attractive, even though you could be similarly discounted by others?

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