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“Be vigilant for suspicious activity, like mail addressed to your child containing bills or financial offers,” Blumberg said.

Warn your children about sharing personal information online, says Melba Amissi, senior vice president and chief risk officer at Identity Guard.

Who wants to turn in his or her mother, who might have committed fraud just to make ends meet? You want to keep a roof over their heads,” Pascual said.

“It’s not justifiable, but it’s understandable.” Now comes the question of what do to if you discover your child’s identity has been stolen. Contact the three major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and Trans Union — to see if a credit file exists.

After she was taken to the hospital a friend used the singer's Facebook page to say she was 'surrounded by love and receiving the best of care'.

If so, put in place a security freeze (also known as a credit freeze) on all the credit files, which prevents lenders from pulling your child’s credit report.

“We understand parents may want to take preventive steps to protect their child’s personal information,” said David Blumberg, senior director of public relations for Trans Union.

Not by e mail or text.' Garfield responded to the outburst a short time later.

He wrote on Facebook: 'Thanks friends, fans, and media for your concerns, but I will not be responding to any questions or requests to speak to Sinead O'Connor.' O'Connor told her Facebook followers she was suicidal at a motel in a lengthy video posted on August 3, and she was struggling to stay alive day by day.'And there's absolutely nobody in my life except my doctor, my psychiatrist - the sweetest man on earth, who says I'm his hero - and that's about the only f***ing thing keeping me alive at the moment...

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