How to pick theperfect dating service

It wouldn't have been without precedent; as did and still do many under-educated but upper-class British women, Lady Diana Spencer worked an assortment of jobs that didn’t require much of an education.

Which is exactly why I dislike Kate Middleton; she doesn’t even have the excuse of being from a titled aristocratic family where women have long been relegated to genteel second-class status in favour of the Old Boys.I draw my conclusions about her the same way I do about politicians; from what she does (or doesn’t do) as reported in the media.I’ve tried to avoid as much of the hoopla and hullabaloo as I can, honestly I have, but the Royal PR media machine is relentless.Andrew’s University) From the reports of private and public grumbles, even the Queen wanted Kate Middleton to get a job and something.She could have done any of that and still married the man she loved.

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