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collaboration with Rihanna something a little more permanent. he “might have flirted a little bit” with her at the MTV VMAs earlier this month.

He said, ‘I wanna remix Umbrella,’ and he just kept asking me and asking me.

Brown was raised surrounded by domestic violence; his stepfather allegedly abused his mother.

Ironically, in 2006, Brown told MTV the abuse was “an influence in me about how to treat a woman.” He also stated, “I used to always feel the hate for anybody that disrespected a lady.” Brown and Rihanna reportedly began fighting in Brown’s rented Lamborghini when Brown received a text message from another woman after leaving Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party late Saturday [via New York Daily News]. A.’s Hancock Park neighborhood and an upset Rihanna is said to have tossed the keys out the window.

“Then one day he just called me; he was in the studio and he said, ‘I’m remixing Umbrella right now! “He paid the engineer, he paid for his own studio time, he did it.” “ ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

He’s coping.” Rihanna’s grandmother, meanwhile, told Barbados’ leading newspaper, The Daily Nation, “I don’t want people to worry.

Despite reports last year that Chris Brown, 18, and Rihanna, 20, are not dating, one website today says that they two ARE NOW DATING! Other sites reported that Brown had preshed Rihanna to be able to do a remix of her hit Umbrella and eventually cut the track out of his own pocket. “Rihanna says, “He was very anxious, he wanted to do it from the beginning.

When we pressed him for more info, Brown, who is in his words, “single and ready to mingle,” clarified, “[Rihanna and I] are just friends. We haven’t taken it to that next level YET.” So is there romance for the two in the future? ” “ Website UGO wrote the following about the Cinderella remix of Umbrella: “R&B star Chris Brown is such a huge fan of Rihanna’s smash hit UMBRELLA he has paid for studio time to remix the track.

She was then taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment and Brown later turned himself in to the LAPD and was charged with making a criminal threat. Since the incident, sources have come forward alleging that this may not have been the first time Brown abused Rihanna.

A source identified as a friend of Rihanna’s described the pair’s relationship as “volatile” to US Weekly and added that bruises were clearly visible on the singer’s neck in early December.

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