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The two IRS agents had no right or authority to seize his property.He thinks Love offerings are not taxable, and this is none of my business.from Australia at (Hovind's side of the story about his arrest. from Australia at (Hovind answers the charge of him falsely claiming bankruptcy, dinosaurs are alive and well today, fake footprint casts from Paluxy, and other charges). December 22, 2003 radio program: Hovind answers Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answer Man at the pyramids and the gospel in the stars). I just got back from hearing Kent Hovind at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia (May 1999). Below are some of the late breaking news from his seminar (His web site). Laetrile does not meet the standards for being a vitamin.December 15, 2003 radio program: Hovind answers Matson's critique at The shrinking sun, moon dust, and comets plus more. Hovind answers Ken Ham with Answers in Genesis "Arguments we think creationists should NOT use" by Answers in Genesis Maintaining Creationist Integrity: The verbal battle between Ken Ham of AIG and Kent Hovind of CSE. It is a compound of two sugar molecules called an amygdalin. Laetrile contains 6% cyanide which is extremely toxic. After extensive testing the National Cancer Institute found laetrile not to be effective in treating cancer.The dark lava flows on the moon are much younger in age. Contamination can cause a false Carbon 14 date (See Creation/Evolution 30:1-17 Summer 1992). REPLY: Hovind showed so many pictures on "supposed dinosaurs" that I thought I ought to find dozens of dinosaurs in the Delaware River.Marine reptiles are not dinosaurs, but don’t confuse Hovind with the facts. They said Carl Baugh would call me the next day which he did on June 23, 1999. I then asked Carl Baugh about the supposed pterodactyls in New Guinea.December 17, 2003 radio program: Hovind answers the New Mexicans for Science and Reason ( and answers the sarcastic sermon (of Dr. The Food and Drug Administration rejected it because of its poisonous cyanide content. In a recent article (Philadelphia Inquirer Friday June 25, 1999, C1) the Federal Trade Commission announced a crack down on fraudulent health products that offer cures for diseases like cancer, aids, and arthritis on the internet. "The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead" because white bread lacks vitamin E and lecithin.There is a federal consumer health information resource at REPLY: There is no evidence that white bread will kill you. Adam and Eve were vegetarians which is one reason they lived so long, 900 plus years. In ancient literature what were called "dragons" where actually dinosaurs.

Answers in Genesis headed by Ken Ham in there magazine Creation Ex-Nihilo state that Ron Wyatt’s claims are false (Creation 14(4):26-38, 1992; Creation 21(2) March-May 1999, 11-14). HOVIND’ S REPLY: He said that someone told him that morning about he put it in his presentation, later that day he discovered it was a hoax and removed it. Mori in Japan grew a tomato plant 40 feet high yielding 15,000 tomatoes. REPLY: There is much evidence for continental drift or plate tectonics. REPLY: This might be true about Hovind, but recent studies using CAT scans show we use much more of our brain. There are many reports of Pterodactyls flying around Papua New Guinea that glow in the dark.

See also sites on Wyatt's Fraud and another Wyatt report. REPLY: I would think you would want to check out a web site before recommending it to a large audience. A hyperbaric chamber can heal you and grow giants like before Noah’s flood where there was 2 times the oxygen and pressure. REPLY: A hyperbaric chamber can help heal certain wounds, but it can not turn you into a giant. The King James Version is the only reliable translation. Satellite measurements show North America to be moving about one inch a year away from Africa. (See Creation 21(2) March-May 1999) HOVIND STATEMENT 17. Yes, I wrote "glow in the dark" just ask Carl Baugh who has been there.

This is confirmed by scientists who studied the air bubbles in amber (see Time Mag. The KJV translates "the first day" in Genesis 1:5 and not "day one" or "one day." REPLY: Hovind needs to look at the Hebrew. REPLY: There is no Bible verse that says Satan flies around in a UFO. Radiometric dating is wrong because the moon rocks have different dates. A fisherman caught a small dinosaur in Lake Erie near Lakewood, Ohio.

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REPLY: I told him he needed proof like the skeleton of the supposed glow in the dark pterodactyl.

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