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“A man talking about his work, his beliefs, what he stands for? “And, of course, he has to be able to make me laugh and to laugh at himself.”“When a man cooks for me, it’s an extreme turn-on,” says Priyanka, who freely admits that she can barely boil an egg.“The act of preparing food is so visual, and seeing someone make something with their hands is sexy.” It doesn’t have to be elaborate and fancy, she says.Yet Grace just knows a wrong has been done, and wrongs must be punished.She and have chosen the punishment of destroying Ansari’s reputation, just as women on campus have been seeking to undo young men like Ansari by having them thrown off campus. The celebrated comedian, actor, and self-identified male feminist behaved like an utter lout on his now-famous date with “Grace.” The pseudonymous young woman in question (just 23) understandably felt ill-used by the encounter, and following the guidelines that have been established on campus, she channeled her bad feelings into the language of crime. To some extent, the two sides in the Ansari debate are talking past each other.

The online flogging Ansari has suffered might be disproportionate, goes the reasoning, but men as a class need to be taught a lesson, and the next Ansari will think twice before behaving this way.

Such a punishment might follow a man around for life and do substantial harm to his reputation and job prospects. In Ansari’s case, since he is a celebrity, an account of such a sordid nature is bound to go viral and attach to him forever.

Even if he doesn’t lose a single gig because of Grace’s story — the details of which he hasn’t denied, though he emphasizes that everything that happened was consensual — he has been severely punished. Feminist writers such as Jessica Valenti praise Grace and say men have been getting away with this sort of callous behavior toward women for too long.

Here’s the problem: There no satisfying, condign punishment for boorish behavior like Ansari’s. They need to spread the word among women: You are not a prostitute. Have more respect for your body than to mentally separate yourself from it when things turn gross.

Hence the frustration of people like Valenti, of people like Grace, of all the women who have had regrettable hookups on campus. Much attention has been called to Grace pointing out that when she first arrived at Ansari’s apartment for a pre-dinner drink, he gave her a glass of white wine without asking her what she wanted.

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