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Dating consultants will create your online dating profile, surf the sites for potential dates, handle all communication with people you want to pursue (e-mails are approved beforehand) and even plan the date, down to the clothes you wear and the place you go for dinner.“They handle the logistical aspect of it so you can focus on meeting people,” says Rick, a 37-year-old marketing executive from Miami who asked that his last name not be used (he’s currently using one of these services).One day it dawned on me that there was probably a demand for this service for overworked executives who want to meet people but don’t have time.” Valdez followed his gut and launched the “dating management agency” in June 2009.A similar business, Done For You Dating hung its shingle out right around the same time.

that’s the piece that will start to damage trust.” But online dating — with its mandatory profiles and back-and-forth e-mails — can sometimes be intimidating, say some singles, especially for people who aren’t particularly good with words.

“I’ve personally tested what happens and I haven’t had great results.

Some women laugh about it and think it’s funny and sneaky and it doesn’t bother them.

“Maybe these guys are shy and need some help to get a girl to notice them,” says Marzi Alavi, a 27-year-old from Manhattan who’s in public relations.

“He might be really cool but can’t write an e-mail for the life of him. I think half the people would be offended and the other half wouldn’t.

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They help him write the girl and then he can be funny and flirty in real life.” What would she think if somebody hired a third party to woo her? If I was on the receiving end, I’d probably be like ‘Oh, that’s not really you. You’re a dud.’ And that would suck.” Of course, dating concierges aren’t the only sock puppets out there furthering someone’s romantic suit.

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