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Studies on rats showed those with low levels of dopamine always opted for an easier option, and less reward/food; those with higher levels of dopamine exerted the effort needed to receive double the amount of food. Rather than only allowing your brain to celebrate when you’ve hit the big finish line, you can create a series of little finish-lines for frequent dopamine release.And it’s crucial to actually celebrate—buy a bottle of wine, or head to your favorite restaurant whenever you meet a small goal.Animals will reject their offspring when the release of oxytocin is blocked.Oxytocin increases fidelity; men in monogamous relationships who were given a boost of oxytocin interacted with single women at a greater physical distance than men who weren’t given any oxytocin. Giving someone a gift, will also cause their oxytocin levels rise.Another way to boost your serotonin levels is to have lunch or coffee outside and expose yourself to the sun for twenty minutes; your skin absorbs UV rays which promotes Vitamin-D and serotonin production.

For another great article on your happy chemicals, check out G’day! Loneliness and depression are present when serotonin is absent.It’s why people fall into gangs and criminal activity—the culture and ‘community’ facilitate serotonin release.Dopamine motivates you to take action toward your goals and gives you a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them.Procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of enthusiasm are linked with low levels of dopamine.

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