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Lock and Key events, described as a fun, interactive way to meet potential love interests, have been held at venues in nearly 100 cities around the country.Fridays gathering at the Red Ox Tavern in Utica will be the second Lock and Key event thats been held in the metro Detroit area.2 E|---------------| X2 B|-2--4-5--5-7-8-| G|---------------| D|---------------| A|---------------| E|---------------| Gtr.1 E|----------------| x1 B|-2--4-5--5--7-8-| G|-2--2-2--5--5-5-| D|-2--2-2--5--5-5-| A|----------------| E|----------------| Gtr.

Sometimes people dont want to approach someone they are interested in at a club, but at Lock and Key, thats the whole point so there is no awkwardness.

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In a conventional lounge atmosphere, approaching someone may be difficult, but not here. That would be a raffle ticket that may lead to a plethora of prizes and the chance to get another lock/key.

With these necklaces, someone now has a legitimate reason to approach someone else. It's a fun game, but trying out someones lock/key is just a simple way to break the ice. Yeah, I was skeptical too until I experienced it myself.

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I recently attended a Lock and Key event at Blue Martini in Brickell.

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