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Now Wahoo has a kinda-neat/kinda-odd concept when it comes to data pages.

You can configure numerous pages, but each page will have an ordered set of data metrics that you can increase or decrease in quantity later on.

This is approximately 1,328 times cleaner and more efficient than any other fitness device out there (and virtually identical to how Apple does it on the Apple Watch).

With that complete, you’re ready to configure things like data screens or preferences.

No worries, they say the best things come to those who wait.

The question virtually everyone has is whether or not the ELEMNT will dethrone Garmin in the GPS bike computer world. Since last fall I’ve used more ELEMNT pre-beta, beta, almost-RC, and now production devices and software versions than I can shake a stick at (or a lot of sticks at).

It’s been exactly 30 days since Wahoo started shipping their first GPS bike computer, the Wahoo ELEMNT.

It could probably use a few less burgers and a few more miles of riding. But it’s shorter than the Edge 1000, and less beefy than the Mio 505 series.

I’ve used it with every type of accessory it supports, from power meters to SRAM RED e TAP shifting and BSX Muscle Oxygenation sensors. I’m going to go out and there say that the ELEMNT’s packaging design is one of the best I’ve seen in the sports tech realm in a really long time.

To be sure, there’s an impressive amount of functionality for a first GPS bike computer. Yes, I know you probably think I actually like doing the unboxing section – but in reality it’s one of the things I secretly hate doing.

One for on the stem, one an out-front mount, and then a triathlon bike aerobar mount (TT-bike). Close enough that if you have the standard Garmin rubber band mounts, it fits it if you learn how to get it in the hole.

Now, it’s somewhat unfortunate that the stem mount uses zip ties (as opposed to industrial bands), which kinda spoils an otherwise perfect mount threesome. You’ll notice two buttons on the right side, and three on top (towards the bottom). Specifically that if you dip the front end into the mount first, then twist left or right slightly, the tail will follow right along into the mount. Note though that the orientation of the tabs is different than the Garmin Edge series (but identical to that of the Garmin Forerunner Quick Release kits).

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