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Anyway I have yahoo , Its #$#$#$#^$ (id really leave it here but Id figure some smart ass's would really have a ball with it.. : P) So anyway check out my profile and if you like what you see there message me back here or on yahoo I hope to hear from you! I would define a good first e-mail as one that showed first that you are actually 'aware' of to whom you are speaking (i.e. "That's it -- except to sign your proper first name on the e-mail (adds a personal touch).

I don't know what some of you think ,but I don't go for guys who give out their e-mail addressor phone no...before even getting a reply,,,,,,,,,to me that's too forward, and a turn off, I like to know they have read my profile,, and before I re-moved,, age is just a #,, I knew many of them had ,,,because they mentioned it,just my op. not a 'form letter') and two, if you wanted a response, one that actually asked a question that would evoke a response. It shows that you've actually taken the time to read the profile, have found something of common interest, have asked a question to evoke a response, and above all, were POLITE.

And I've found that the two disciplines have much in common -- possibly because both mathematics and music tend to be universal, by nature. And if you get a reply, then you go on to the second e-mail -- a topic of another post (lol)guy Alright. You complain and complain that you send lovely, funny, honest emails and the girls never respond.

Well, what exactly do you define as a great first email? Most of the women here especially the ones who have great pics posted get overwhelmed with responses, so I think it's best to keep your first e-mail short and sweet.

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Just let them know that you liked their profile and compliment their pics. ok time to search for that special someone and use that line!

They'll click on your profile and if they like what they see and here from you they'll respond.

is an online dating community dedicated to introducing open-minded singles, who think that an online flirt is much better than a relationship.

We are both high fashion models who enjoy rubbing bald mens heads and smearing them with oils... But me well its usually somethin like this Hey just ran a search on the site here and well came across your profile.

Im not sure if this will help you decide but we are also willing to provide cookies. Penolope Cruz and Monica something like that anyway..the exception of the barnyard animal thingy... I just posted the same Question this morning and well If thats what guys are sending No wonder the ladys dont look!! Im really not good at this intro stuff so I figured Id cast out a line and see what comes back ..

That they acknowledge something about us that they share in common or felt a kindredship with. According to "Netiquette", emails should be short and direct to the point, not long 3 page letters. same thing i use in real life almost, but written..

To me that is the first step in making a connection. I usually get very complimentary ones, but some guys' spelling can be pretty bad, so that's not a good sign. however the first is always kinda hi, nice profile, point out interesting points..

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(Please note that not everyone is going to be brave enough to send a "no thank you I'm not interested" type of reply - it's never easy to say no so often many will just click delete to let the other know they are not interested).

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