Getting stood up online dating

To get there, though, you have to endure your fair share of awkward first dates or dates that just never show up.

It’s embarrassing and quite likely to make you doubt yourself.

So, here’s my teachable moment about how to be a woman of value, even when a man stands you up!

He really liked me, too, and asked me out for the following week. Or so I thought…On our second date, we had a steak dinner at a lovely restaurant in my neighborhood. ‘I can make time in my busy life for you’ says that as a solo business owner and mom, my life is super busy just like yours. Sure, I had teased him about coming to my house for my delicious meal. Take note, ladies, because I composed a masterful “There’s a part of me that would love to come over and taste your delicious home-cooked meal…And I also know that when I’ve done that too soon in the past, it hasn’t worked out well. Remember, I’m not a last minute kinda woman.“I forgave you when you disappeared for two weeks after saying you wanted to see me the week before. Honestly, I felt disrespected when I didn’t hear from you yesterday.

If it’s a blind date, this is even more important, because you won’t immediately recognize your date walking in.

If your date is looking forward to seeing you, she’ll call beforehand to say so and to confirm any details that have been left up in the air.

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