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On shutdown (but not reboot), the Pi-Top's hub should shut off power cleanly once Gentoo has finalized.Note that keyboard shortcuts for audio will also work, but they require the audio mixer plugin to be installed in the panel (as it is for etc.Reboot your RPi3 - it should come back up successfully (with the Xfce GUI running again).Now at the GUI, log in (if not using auto-login) as your regular user.Almost all of the required 900 or so packages should be available on the new binhost you just switched to, so this should only take a few hours (unless you have added many additional packages to the image yourself). You can now add the battery monitor plugin into the top panel if you like - it should work correctly.Keyboard shortcuts should also work (for brightness etc.).If you have a significant amount of work invested in an older release of this image, I have also provided manual upgrade instructions (from 1.0.0 thru 1.1.3 → 1.2.0) here (the final Please read the instructions below before proceeding.Also please note that all images (and binary packages) are provided 'as is' and without warranty.

The following short-form instructions have been tested and verified to work, when starting from a 'vanilla' 1.0.2 release image.

As mentioned, it is wise to use a spare micro SD card as your target, keeping your existing Raspbian micro SD card in a safe place; that way, you can easily reboot back into your existing Raspbian system, simply by swapping back to your old card.

to the micro SD card will take some time, due to the decompression (it takes between 10 and 25 minutes on my machine, depending on the micro SD card used).

PINN is a fork of NOOBS and includes a number of additional advanced features. Assuming that reports 'Good signature', you can proceed.

(Warnings that the key is "not certified with a trusted signature" are normal and may be ignored.) Next, insert (into your Linux box) the micro SD card on which you want to install the image, and determine its device path (this will be something like all existing data on the target drive, so please double-check that you have the path correct!

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