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The war went on for four bitter years and ended with the signing of an armistice on 11 November 1918.

It is amazing to note that a single terrorist assassination set all these defensive treaties, meant to protect nations and keep them from going to war, into motion.

In his syndicated column of April 14, 2009 - labeling Zionist Jews as the “true haters” - the world-renowned and highly respected political analyst, Pat Buchanan, called Demjanjuk an “American Dreyfus” and “the sacrificial lamb whose blood washes away the stain of Germany’s sins.” Buchanan continued in his April 14, 2009 article, “The True Haters:” “The spirit behind the US Justice Department’s efforts to bring Demjanjuk to justice is the same satanic brew of hate and revenge that drove another innocent Man up Calvary that first Good Friday 2,000 years ago.” Here & Here.

American Jewish leaders reacted in their typical vicious fashion against the conservative and devout Christian, Pat Buchanan, by calling his remarks in defense of Demjanjuk, “obscene.” Labeling Buchanan as a spokesmen for the “Christian right,” US Jewish leaders intensified their censure of Buchanan for “his offensive views on Israel and Jews.” “It’s bad enough that Pat Buchanan is rising to defend John Demjanjuk, but his column is an example of classic ‘Jew-baiting.’ Buchanan attempts to paint contemporary Jews as hypocrites by referring to Demjanjuk as an ‘American Dreyfus,’ a reference to the high-profile case of Anti-Semitism and injustice.

Ironically, nations that had signed treaties to keep them out of war suddenly found themselves drawn into a 4-year bloodbath. The two pilots were shot down and captured near Cambrai on 17 October 1917.

When I first considered a study of the WWI psychological operations (PSYOP) of the Central Powers, I asked the renowned propaganda leaflet author and collector Klaus Kirchner if he had gathered much in the way of WWI German and Austria-Hungarian leaflets. The Allied leaflets enraged the Germans, who actually placed captured British pilots who dropped them on trial for their lives. They were charged with "the distribution in September 1917 of pamphlets detrimental to German troops." They were tried, found guilty of treason, and sentenced to 10 years at hard labor.

Demjanjuk’s deportation marked the end of months of legal resistance which culminated in an appeal to the Jewish-controlled US Supreme Court, which to even hear Demjanjuk’s case.

When news of this punishment reached the war office in January 1918, all leaflet dropping by airplane was suspended.

living Nazi war criminals regardless of their age.” This was declared by the German Zionist-Jew, Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Central Council Of Jews In Germany, upon the arrival of 89 year-old John Demjanjuk from the United States on May 12, 2009.

Although found guilty before a jury of his peers, Demjanjuk faces charges filed against him by German Jews that he was an “accessory to murder” in connection with his alleged time as a guard at the Sobibor internment camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Italy was allied to both Germany and Austria-Hungary.

She was first neutral, but in May 1915, she joined the British and French against her two former allies. would remain neutral until 1917 when Germany's policy of unrestricted submarine warfare and the British interception of the Zimmermann telegram to Mexico forced President Wilson to declare war on 6 April 1917.

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