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Steve said "Lets" and positioned himself behind Jim. Before Steve could enter Jim I wanted to feel his arsehole, so I volunteered to lubricate Jim for Steve.Now seeing my husband suck another man's cock is one thing but watching him fuck another man anally is a whole new ball game. Taking some KY jelly I pushed one finger up Jim who was already squirming with delight.It had been years since I had felt the feeling of a hot cock come inside me and the feeling was just wonderful.Plus there was absolutely no chance of getting pregnant!Steve looked at me and asked me if I was joking or I was serious?I continued my line of thought and said what if I was serious, adding that I found it sexy, plus I could never get pregnant.That evening I put on some real sexy lingerie and lit aromatic candles in the bedroom.

Jim made the first move and began to kiss my extended tongue. Steve unknowingly also moved his right hand to my cunt and found Jim's fingers inside my pussy.While Steve had his cock deep in my arse I could almost feel another guy below me with his cock in my cunt. We were closing up when I noticed a new man in the gym on my way out. Jim was a student at Wash U and was from Amsterdam. My hand was moving all along his trousers till I could feel his large bulge. He knew that I was married to Steve and asked what if he saw us.A few weeks later both my sons were off to summer camp. We knew too many conservative people to talk to someone. Horny as I was I stuck around eyeing this young man. I asked him what his plans were for that evening, he said that he was free so I asked him if he wanted a drink? I looked at him in the eye and said good for him (Steve), because he wants to join us. As it is, I was already wet from the kissing session I had at the bar. Even while I stared at myself in the mirror I was getting more wet.Soon I found myself waiting for Steve to come home so that we could fuck and our sex life was just great.One day I decided to surprise Steve by renting a porn video.

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