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Your information is stored on the Open DNS servers and can be used on all the computers connected to the network.This is not as strong as the Family Cyber Alert software.Not only that, you can ask it to provide you with the screenshots taken during your kids’ use of the computer. And as if that was not enough, one can also combine the screenshots into a video for the entire duration your kid was using the computer.In short: With all these, you get to know everything your kids are doing on the computer.It has the ability to customize your child’s homepage with included artwork, defined colors or images and apply browsing restrictions at the same time.Microsoft says you do not need to worry about parental control software if you are using Windows 8.Hi there and welcome to , the fastest growing cams site online!

I am sure your kids will never like this top parental control software that I place at number one. Once you sign up with open DNS at, you need to change the DNS of your computer to Open DNS.

You need a parental control software to protect your kids from the many types of problems that an uncontrolled Internet access can create.

Windows includes a fine Parental Control software and we have already seen how to setup parental controls in Windows 7 and how to install advanced features such as Web filtering, activity reports, etc. But if you are looking for a free third party software, there are many such freeware available in the market.

Another setting of K9 web protection software blocks entire Internet after a limited number of repeated attempts to visit one or more websites that you restricted.

While you can enter each website URL that needs to be blocked on your kids’ website, K9 Web Protection Software also allows for filtering the Internet using keywords.

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In a way, it helps to set healthy access limits, protect against inappropriate content and online predators.

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