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The plan has been criticized for not making criminal background checks a requirement for all volunteers until 2008, and that failure to require those allowed additional child molesters into the organization.In May 1991, the Washington Times published a major five-part investigation entitled "Scouts Honor" on sex abuse in the BSA.

These documents showed that the organization removes about 180 of its leaders each year, although most of these removals have to do with other issues besides child abuse.

Before joining, a member must discuss with their parents a pamphlet on sexual abuse.

The Youth Protection Plan from the organization is linked to a CDC report on such programs.

Like most youth organizations, the BSA has struggled with the problem of sex abuse and how to handle abuse allegations. A centerpiece of the program is the "two deep" leadership criterion which dictates that no adult can ever be alone with any members.

Tarr, a Chief Scout Executive in the 1980s, said regarding sexual assault cases against Scout leaders across all 50 states: "That's been an issue since the Boy Scouts began." In the 1980s, BSA developed its Youth Protection program, a comprehensive program to educate and prevent abuse.

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