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The 15 guys are then assigned the seat of their first “date”.

You walk into the room and sit in that seat opposite your first “date”. You get 4 minutes to chat about anything you want, then the organiser blows a whistle or announces, it’s time for the next “date”. Repeat this until all 15 girls have had a 4 minute date with all 15 guys.

I never wrote about that Speed Dating adventure on this platform’s previous outlet, Don’t Stop Living, but I did cover the Lock In (fake Big Brother) on there. It was a fad and so as four single guys at the time, we jumped on board.

The biggest shock for me, was when I turned up to that event (in March 2004), my ex girlfriend was one of the girls.

I dated 13 girls in about an hour, for 4 minutes each.

On this evening, the girls came from Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Poland, USA, Canada, Russia and Ukraine, however one of them admitted to me she had used Somerset dating and County Durham dating when based in England in the past.

I think I will get in touch with these girls when I have more time, next week perhaps after my tour to Łódź.

You don’t have too much time to “impress” them but you ask them as much as you can in 4 quick minutes and also talk a bit about yourself.

Each date you have you can then mark an “x” on your page if you think you would like to meet them again.

The dates are so fast that there is no time to buy them drinks, food etc. Tonight’s one is held centrally in Warsaw, I remembered the 2004 one was in Bournemouth’s “Klute” Bar.

You can take in flowers, chocolates or gifts if you really want. Tonight I alight at Metro Centrum and bang opposite that famous building, the one that inspired my personal tune on “Stalin’s reign“. We kindly ask that the female participants to arrive between pm and pm.

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