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Scammers Some fake profiles are an elaborate ploy to get you to send them money.

I talk about it in great detail in my article on the Romance Scam but it comes down to them gaining your trust and then needing your help to get out of a horrible situation overseas.

For examples: Couples who both sign up at e Harmony or just because they want to see if the service will “match” them I recently had one reader who had contacted me because she had created a profile for her son to prove to him how well online dating would work for him.

Part of her process was emailing lots of different women to see who would respond.

Jump To: Stolen Credit Cards (and Why They Matter for Online Dating) Why Would Anyone Want to Create a Fake Dating Profile?

People with Non-Dating Motives Some people sign up for dating services with no intention of using the dating service.I understand her motivation but this was creating a bad situation for all those women who replied when she disappeared.I’m sure this list doesn’t include all the reasons why someone would create a fake profile but it does highlight what you can run into.Pay Sites Do Help First, pay sites will help, quite a bit in some cases.The free dating services are simply too attractive to a spammer or scammer who doesn’t want to get into the business of stealing credit cards.

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