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Hopefully, the district court will dismiss this seriously misguided lawsuit.

Over the years, courts have sometimes ruled that private racial or sex discrimination can be imputed to states in cases where the private actor is actually an agent of the government or otherwise closely entertwined with it.However, Hollender is claiming that night club owners who institute ladies' nights are state actors merely because they are regulated and licensed by the government.This theory was specifically rejected by the Supreme Court in the Civil Rights Cases of 1883, which held that the Fourteenth Amendment did not give Congress the power to regulate common carriers, "places of public accomodation" (e.g.He is, wrong, however to attribute his likely difficulties to the fact that "he is arguing on behalf of men and not women, whom he says the U. Supreme Court has given 'preferential treatment for past invidious, economic discrimination.'" In reality, many of the Supreme Court's most important Equal Protection Clause precedents striking down laws that discriminate on the basis of sex involved discrimination against men. Boren, the 1976 case that instituted the current "intermediate scrutiny" standard for government sex discrimination, and Mississippi University for Women v.Hogan (1982), an important case that ruled that an all-female state university was unconstitutional.

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