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Earlier this month, Kristina accused Ed of sexual assault, claiming the star had 'held [her] down and raped [her]' after she fell asleep in a bedroom in his house.

The LAPD are now investigating after Cohen, 27, filed a police report at LAPD's Hollywood precinct alleging that Westwick forcibly held her down and raped her at his Hollywood Hills home in February 2014.

Thanks to actor Tom Arnold and his enthusiastic tackles, however, that is exactly what happened.The match, DIRECTTV's Fourth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl, was played in front of thousands of screaming fans.The teams were coached by quarterback Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets and NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning.Apparently Taylor Momsen's not content with her latest attention-grabbing act of appearing scantily clad on the cover of Revolver magazine toting a gun and discussing her love of pornography and watching sex tapes.Now she's been spotted between takes on the set of Gossip Girl in Manhattan flaunting her smoking addiction.

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