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The instructions describe the creation of an update site for the result of the basic tutorial: a modeling tool which simply allows the user to graphically represent a family.

Once completed, the modeling workbench can be deployed as a standard Eclipse plugin.

Finally, click on Build to launch the update site creation: Now it is necessary to export the update site to an archive.

Select these resources: Right click on the selected resources and click on Export Select Archive File in General section Fill the To archive file field to define the archive location and select the option Create only selected directories.

I've created new Properties View Description, then I'm trying to create pages and groups for each of my semantic model properties (see attachments). The Main tab is produced by EEF using default rules when nothing specific is defined in the .odesign.

But when I run and see my diagram's properties I see that my previous properties moved to Base tab and now first is Semantic and I cannot see any changes. Maybe is there any step-by-step tutotial for my case? If it does not show up, the problem may be in your installation (some parts missing? If the Main tab show up, then the problem you see is probably in your own definitions on the .odesign. Hello, Pierre-Charles David I've resolved this issue but faced another.

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