Drew roy dating miley cyrus

Disoriented and no longer trusting himself, Mason is desperate to reunite his three sons—the oldest of which is Hal, played by Drew Roy.

Roy paid his dues in ABC Family's Lincoln Heights, i Carly, and Hannah Montana (in which he played Miley Cyrus's love interest) before moving on to adult roles in the 2010 film Secretariat, opposite John Malkovich and Diane Lane, and now, in Falling Skies.

His door is always open if I have an acting question for him but moreso than acting tips, I feel he's imparted a lot of knowledge about how to handle myself in the business, whether it's on-set with producers or network executives, or even just dealing with situations like Comic-Con, which we're going to.

Every night, when you walked through the front door, you never knew what would be happening on the other side of the door.A year later, Drew was engaged to actor/musician Jamie Walters.About two months later Jamie and Drew parted company.Eventually, I really buckled down to work and luck came my way."On acting: "I love the exploratory process.You're getting to look at life through a different person's eyes. A killer, a terrorist, if you look at it from their point of a view, in their mind there's a justification as to why they're doing those things, which I find fascinating. But when you break a character down, you see why they make the decisions they do." On whether he's invited to Miley Cyrus's wedding: "Haha!

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