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Still, she gave it everything she had, treated Michael like a son and became attached to him.Over breakfast she would tell him: 'You are going to be a great, great star.Now, eat your cereal.' For the month he was with her, she found time to teach him to draw and paint. Michael's fascination with Diana - some would later see it as an obsession - would last for many years. I used to just sit in the corner and watch the way she moved. I studied the way she moved, the way she sang - just the way she was.' He told her: 'I want to be just like you, Diana.' She said: 'You just be yourself.' But Michael's mother, Katherine, had no need to worry about her influence. She would go to bed early in order to be up on time for her many appointments. He, in turn, clearly had an impact on her, though he may not have realised it. When it was time for him to go back to his family, she was crestfallen, particularly after Katherine thanked her profusely for what she had done, but then added, pointedly: 'He needs his mother.' Diana, whose life had been devoted entirely to her career since she was 15, seemed put out by the reminder that she might no longer be as influential in young Michael's life.She was not only a mother figure when his own was thousands of miles away, she was an accomplished performer whom he studied constantly. If anything, she passed on to Michael a work ethic that would serve him well. She had loved being his 'mother', even for such a short time. It wouldn't be long before she would have children of her own - three girls, and then later two boys - and devote as much of herself to them as she would to her career.The other contributing factor is that by the time Berry and Diana hooked up, Smokey and Diana had moved well past their relationship. According to Smokey, all the artists at Motown had to attend a training session on how to maneuver on stage and how to deal with the press.

One of Smokey’s nieces was Diana’s best friend and that’s how they hooked up.'I wanted Diana to teach him whatever she could,' said Berry Gordy, boss of the Motown label.'I asked her if she minded, and she said she didn't. It was good for her to have someone else besides herself to think about.' Consumed by the demands of her own career, she probably wasn't prepared for the role of surrogate mother.And that’s what Smokey Robinson did with his best friend, Berry and with the former love of his life, Diana. Flip the page to reminisce with us and see if you think Smokey’s lyrics were all about Diana.Gene Simmons fell in love with Diana Ross while dating Cher.

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