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This comes in stark contrast to Paulsen, who has evolved from a moderate state legislator to a virtual caricature of the corporate congressman, routinely voting against his district’s interests in favor of his benefactors.

He voted for the recent Republican tax bill, despite its harsh treatment of residents in high-tax states like Minnesota.

The ride is bumpy, the cabin reeks of exhaust, and the engine is so loud that Phillips practically has to shout to be heard.

The truck mostly garners stares, waves, and smiles. Yet while he may be just an attempted politician at the moment, he’s well on his way to full-fledged membership.

Its limited hours and unanswered phone suggest that Glick doesn’t spend much time there. A lot.” For now, however, “I’m married to the campaign.” At the helm of that campaign is election finance reform.

When asked if he’ll marry again, Phillips says, “Absolutely. Phillips refuses to take money from PACs and lobbyists.

The menu boasts matcha lattes, scratch-made almond milk, and turtle crepes.

But Phillips sees it as much more, an experiment to test the minimum wage, an idea he doesn’t believe should be decreed by government.

(He did not respond to repeated interview requests.) Phillips has placed this ability to purchase a congressman at the center of his campaign.“Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump recognize the same underlying need of people, which is to be heard.I think Donald Trump was part of a wonderful strategy to make people believe he really cared about them.She’s the proprietor of AGG | Glick Gallery, a mish-mash gallery that also sells clothing and home goods with an emphasis on local makers.The aesthetic is akin to the Walker Art Center, albeit with more textiles.

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It’s spare and free of art, save for one neon sign.

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