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You are invited to share your comments and favorite music for Zimbelstern.

You can also view the various models of Zimbelstern offered by New Century Products, and find out where a few of our instruments are located.

But you feel like your moving Nobody don’t feel it when you feel like you grooving Know what I’m talking about Lord it feels so good deep inside you know what I’m talking about THIS RIVER Stare at a picture but there's nothing for it I pull on the bottle and watch this river roll on by Trying to find purpose trying to see meaning Trying to make sense of the nonsense that I've called my life Cause only this river can bear me to safety Only this river can bear me away See them all work and play there on the other bank Warm in their houses while I face my cold alone Guess I've been a drinking away to keep the wolves of my mind at bay But if you run, you die I'm just too tired to care Cause only this river can bear me to safety Only this river can bear me away I feel her flowing, flowing right through me I hear her whispers drowning my words Cause only this river, only this river, only this river can save me, from myself Where did my soul go? Why won't they rescue me from the pain in my mind?

Cause only this river in all of her glory Only this river can bear me away Only this river Only this river Only this river...

The Zimbelstern (also spelled Cymbelstern) has been used for centuries in devotional music.

New Century Products has been making Zimbelsterns for over 30 years. From this page you can learn about the History of the Zimbelstern, and read what Church Organists have to say about the Zimbelstern, including their favorite Music Selections with which to play the Zimbelstern.

I hope at least I had fun I’m stumbling through New Orleans oh, to the rising sun Oh yeah, you don’t have to holler I hear you I’m standing right here beside you Oh, 99 shades of crazy, I’m 99 shades of crazy Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy Lord have mercy on me Noventa nueva tonos de loco I need some peace, just some relief From this voice, killing me You stare at me, and you glare at me All this pain it’s all the same, it’s all insane (you see) Is this really happening or did I make it all up?

It’s not at all that Facebook couldn’t launch a dating feature.

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We are a growing community of people who are learning how to follow Jesus Christ here in Toronto.

In an age of distractions and self promotion, we seek a deeper rhythm.

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