Tee, Tec-9) was, as to be expected with Mannie Fresh on the boards, a huge improvement over his first record. On the other hand, Wayne sounds like the eager elementary school student he was.1996 was the year No Limit records signed a million deal with Priority. With just Lil Doogie pictured on the cover, blithefully unconcerned with the rain of enormous bullets falling around him, listeners began to associate the name B. Nonetheless, on June 18, 1998, Universal Records signed an estimate million deal with Cash Money. G.'s "Bling Bling" and Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up" plus a load of other absolute classic masterpieces.

Not only was it better production-wise, but Kilo-G had grown more assured and skilled as a rapper too. Mac Melph Calio G-Funk flavored tracks like "Bitches Ain't Shit," "Gangsta Day," "Shakem Up Shakem," "Time to Murder" and the excellent "Hands on My Gun." But there's still a lot of N. In July, the Williams brothers' father died at 75 from injuries sustained in a car accident. However, a few years later there was another purge/mass defection, with B. leaving in 2000, followed by Turk, Juvenile and ultimately, the seeming glue that held it all together, Mannie Fresh.

In bounce-loving New Orleans, the Scarface-indebted The Sleepwalker only sold a couple thousand copies. Hollygrove's Lil Slim (representing Apple and Eagle) is one B-32 I Need a Bag of Dopeof New Orleans's most underrated rappers and the uncredited influence of his style can be heard in later label successes like Lil Wayne (whom he discovered) and especially Turk.

They named the label Cash Money Records, after Nino Brown’s Cash Money Brothers in the film New Jack City.

Kilo G The Sleepwalker At first CMR only had one artist, the fifteen-year-old Kilo-G. 6th & Barrone) was initially Reginald "Tec-9" Manuel and Yaphet "Lil Ya" Jones, who formed in 1992 and performed at block parties, clubs and gong shows.

6th & baronne Fresh's first effort with the label was with Px Mx Wx (Projects' Most Wanted – Iberville being the project in question). However, Px Mx Wx's release came after that of U. As far as I know, this is the only tape-only Cash Money album (recorded in Baby's kitchen), which may account for its rarity and the fact that the picture used here is the only one you can find on the Pimp Daddy Still Pimpin net. Straight out tha Gutta9th ward star Edgar "Pimp Daddy" Givens released his debut, Still Pimpin' in 1994.

Px Mx Wx was essentially rapper Big Man, hype man Big Heavy and Black Jack. Last and, to be fair, least; Baby (as B-32) released I Need a Bag of Dope. In fact, it's better than the rap efforts of most label heads. Explaining Pimp Daddy's genius isn't an easy task.

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