They don't seem to worry about making mistakes because they accept their own faults, and are eager to know how others see them. They just have a strong sense of self that is not easily threatened, and don't need to cover when unexpectedly exposed.

They aren't uncomfortable with whatever questions they are asked and don't overreact when faced with their lover's vulnerable feelings.

They define their personal integrity as living within those beliefs. Two people who believe in the same ethics can trust each other's motives and behaviors.

People who live by their integrity know which behaviors and thoughts are sacred to the people close to them, and will not abuse that knowledge.

You will know when you are with a generous person when you feel that your needs are upper most in his or her mind."He seemed to anticipate my every desire.""I'd never known someone so willing to please."Kinship: People who love deeply and are loved in return are very desirable.

They wish they had known how to have predicted that outcome early on. To find the answer, I began categorizing the First-Date personality characteristics and behaviors that survived the test of time, and those that did not.

As you read through them, ask yourself whether the lovers you have stayed with exhibited the nine positive behaviors, and if those you eventually disconnected from displayed those seven that are negative.

A couple is unlikely to be any real trouble if they can still laugh at the same things together.

The loss of a sense of humor is the most telling clue that a relationship may be in distress.

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