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Horizontal bicolor of white and red defaced with the arms of Poland in the middle of the white stripe and the Air Force checkerboard in the white stripe between the coat of arms and the hoist Proportion 5:8Ceremonial flag used on military holidays, visits of high civilian or military authorities, or representatives of foreign countries, as well as other ceremonies.

Blue flag emblazoned with a badge used by waterborne Police units, i.e.

I understand that the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions apply only to employers employing at least a certain number of employees.

How many employees must an employer have to be subject to the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions?

The designs of most of these flags have been modified only to adjust to the changes in the official rendering of the national coat of arms.

Major modifications included a change in the stylization of the eagle from Neoclassicist to Baroque in 1927 and the removal of the crown from the eagle's head during the Communist rule from 1944 to 1990.

Is more detailed information available about the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions?

Treasury and the IRS have issued final regulations on the Employer Shared Responsibility provisions.

Treasury and the IRS also have issued proposed regulations on the related Information Reporting by Applicable Large Employers on Health Insurance Coverage Offered under Employer-Sponsored Plans.

a lifebelt and an anchor within a dark-blue diamond above a dark-blue ribbon with the word POLICJA written on it in white letters, all on a white eight-pointed star Proportion 5:9 Special state service flags are used by state-employed civil special-purpose ships while on duty.

These flags all follow the same basic design; a white flag with a horizontal stripe whose width is 1/5 of the flag's width.

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