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I'm not (yet) convinced that it's a problem with DNSB.

If there's not a problem, there's nothing for Steve to fix.

/ Scarce as facts are, supply too often exceeds demand.

"Determining useful internet connectivity" as opposed to /useless/ internet connectivity?

it would be a VALID query for just the ' A' record of '' -- ________________________________________________________________ Steve.

What DNSB does during startup to verify connectivity is to send a series of DNS UDP queries DIRECTLY to the Internet's ROOT nameservers.

THAT behavior is specifically being blocked by your corporate proxy.

Just in case Steve misses my response in the other thread (Reworked the Startup System) I thought I would start this thread...

The latest build also fails for me under what can only be described as some sort of bizarre corporate network setup (mine!

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-- JJ Next time you expect the problem to appear, I would try: dig @ A short (dig is packaged with BIND - Just download, extract, and run it from the command line) If you don't get an answer (i.e.

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