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they were a great hit along with the slightly earlier screw back style.

No more piercing ears with a needle, held in the fire to sterilize and a cork at the back of the lobe to stop the needle going to far!

As the 1900s dawned the Arts and Craft movement gave way to designers and craftsmen seeking new inspiration and looked back to earlier times and outwards to more exotic cultures Inspired by medieval cultures, semi precious stones adored metal jewellery and with the designs of flowers and botany inspired by nature.

Clipped earring mechanisms were patented and produced in this decade.Rationing and the war effort made jewellery more popular than ever. Patriotic jewellery made of materials that was low cost were used.Bakelite, celluloid, wood, shell, military badges, buttons and coins It was during the thirties that jewellery designers started to use enamel again in inexpensive silver and costume pieces.Dating and identifying jewellery's guide - Here we have written a short guide for identifying and dating jewellery that was produced from 1700s, Georgian period up to today.Then a brief look at the last two decades and the twenty first century.

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Liberty & Co, Lalique, Charles Robert Ashbee, Fred Partridge and his wife May Hart were just some of the designers famous in this era.

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